My Ego vs. The World

I have a good friend who just celebrated his 1st year sober.  We generally have tacos and coffee a couple of times a week. 

My friend commented that he’s much more serene today because he accepts things the way they are.  “I’m not yelling at the Mavericks in the play-offs.  I can even watch the news without getting upset.  I used to throw my socks at the TV when the president was talking, but I don’t do that any more.” 

I often delude myself into believing that I can tolerate other people’s political opinions.  On a good day, I don’t think that people who disagree with me are stupid.  That’s an embarrassing truth about myself and one that I try to mask with a serene smile while my brain is screaming, “You idiot!  How can you think that’s right?”

I’ve said things like, “We’re a democratic nation and others have a right to their opinions.  Just have an opinion and follow through with a vote.  The only people who make me mad politically are people who don’t bother to have an opinion or go vote. ”

And I mean that most of the time.  Unless, of course, you express an opinion that I don’t like on a day when My Ego demands that The World agrees with me.

The World Wins

A couple of pollsters from FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform) came by the office yesterday.  They had their credentials and an opinion poll that they wanted the company owner to answer.  In his absence, they began their spiel on me.   According to them, 61% of those polled agree with Arizona’s new laws and would like to have them implemented in their state; 65% feel like border security is essential to our fight against terrorism; and, 61% think there would be less poverty if illegal immigrants were sent back to their native countries. 

These were statistics they gave me after I failed the survey test.  Eight questions into the poll and shortly after my giving them my “I don’t give a care” look at their letting me know how far off the mark I was, they decided to wait for the man in charge to return to the office.  When I told them that the man in charge is a resident alien, they picked up their business cards, poll sheets, and left.

And here’s the embarrassing part.

My Ego if you could see it

The woman  God blessed me on her way out and I couldn’t just leave it the heck alone.  My Ego which wants to be right and righteous popped up with “I love it when people like you invoke God’s name.”

That was bad, but then the man said, “Well, we really mean it.”


“We do.”  And he added, “God bless you.”

“Oh, please.”

And we got into a “we do mean it”-“you do not” argument in the parking lot.  It was the heat of the day that saved us from a throwdown.

I stomped into the office looking more like an offended 5 year old than a woman on the north side of 50.  And they roared out of the parking lot nearly taking out a beer delivery truck. 

I’ve always heard that in a street fight, even the winners lose.  It’s the same way in an Ego match although I think The World got the drop on us. 

And I’m pretty sure that God was saying, “Look.  I bless all of you.  Whether you want me to or not.”

About texasgaga

I am a mom, a grandmom (Gaga to my 2nd oldest grand-child), a sister, a friend, a construction estimator, a homeowner, an active member of a 12 step recovery group, an artist, a reader, a survivor, a do it yourself wannabe, a laugher
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