Spoiler Alert:  Bambi’s dad died in the making of this food.

Margaret weighed the consequences of faking an attack of bubonic plague when she saw the brussel sprouts

I have rarely met a food I didn’t like and/or couldn’t eat.  Brussels sprouts is the lone exception and I detest them.  Have  you ever noticed how people are determined to prepare the one food you hate when you join them for Sunday dinner?  “Try them with bacon.  They’re delicious.”  “I know you said you didn’t like brussels sprouts but you will love them fixed with cheese.”  “You can’t even tell they are in this brussels sprout souffle.” 

I can.  Really.  So far, I’ve been able to resist the gag reflex that brussels sprouts generate when I try to swallow them at the dinner table.  But they always end up hidden under the half-eaten roll.  Even the family dog won’t eat them with bacon and/or cheese.

I know that folks who don’t like and can’t stomach the thought of eating Bambi can’t be convinced that venison is delicious.  And I won’t even try.  I had never eaten deer meat until this year.  That could be a lie because I live in the land of Texas where all kinds of game end up in a backyard BBQ.  But I never knowingly ingested a deer before this year.

Having eaten deer for dinner for most of the past 8 months, I was glad to discover that it is much lower in fat and calories than beef although it isn’t much lower in cholesterol.  It knocks beef, chicken, and pork out of the ballpark on B vitamins and minerals.   Don’t believe me; go to the USDA nutritional analysis.

One of my favorite ways to use venison is in deerburgers.  Bob’s grinds about 1-1/2 lbs of deer roast and combines it with 1 lb to 1-1/2 lb of 80/20 ground beef.   He’s really fast about dressing out his game and good at trimming the deer fat when he processes the deer so the I don’t know what gamey is supposed to taste like.   

While he’s doing the grinding, I chop 8 or so serrano peppers and saute them with 1/2 lb chopped mushrooms and about 1/2 cup red onion in olive oil. 

We pat the ground meat into 12-16 patties and spoon the veggies onto half of them, topping the veggies with grated cheese and another burger.  After sealing the edges, Bob places them on the grill for about 10-15 minutes on each side. 

No shrinkage

The weird thing about the deerburgers is that they don’t shrink.  Not even a little.  So what you put on the grill is what you take off.  It’s like magic. 

When I typed that venison is much lower in fat than beef, and knowing that venison has been my main protein source for the past 2/3 year, I wondered why I haven’t lost any weight.   Then, I thought about the deer combined with the cow and the addition of cheese.  You can do the math as well as I can.  Tastes good but not diet food. 

I’d probably have to go on the brussels sprout diet to see a difference.

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