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Written in concrete (not cement)

One of the things that bugs me is a tendency for many folks to use concrete and cement interchangeably.  They are not.  Most weeks, I hear at least one person refer to sidewalks as being cement sidewalks or call a … Continue reading

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Hurricane’s coming-sooner or later

Probably not today but eventually the odds are in favor of getting one. Corpus Christi has a long storm history.  Growing up in George West, 70 miles from the coast, we got more storm refugees than storm winds.   As the principal, our dad opened George West’s high school … Continue reading

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I worked for a contractor who enjoyed negotiating contracts.  I listened to him work to get to a middle ground with a property owner/developer and when it was close, if the developer wouldn’t budge off his price and come up a … Continue reading

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Sisterhood of the Travelling Flip-flops

GE and the kids spent last week-end at my house.  I am knocked over with gratitude for the daughters (well, one is a daughter in law) and grand-daughters I have.  I’m not tossing out Travis, my lone grand-son or Jack, … Continue reading

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When I stopped drinking and stopped falling asleep by passing out, I thought I wouldn’t ever get a night’s rest.  I didn’t have my sedative so how could I get to sleep?  What I found was that freedom from chemicals … Continue reading

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Phillip Loparte poem

I heard this on Writer’s Almanac at the close of Morning Edition on NPR Friday.  It made me laugh.  I’ve been on both sides of this nutcase fence.  Maybe not to this extreme but maybe… Thought you’d like reading the … Continue reading

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Voting and drinking

The first time I got to vote, I went with my parents.  They had taken me to register months before and we went together to vote in a local election.  It was a political nerd right of passage, I think.   … Continue reading

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The Margaret Bus

I started today in a terrible mood.  There are times when I feel like Atlas with the whole world on my shoulders.  The Margaret Bus needed to leave Bob’s house by 6 a.m. to take Bobby to work.  For me, … Continue reading

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I started thinking about time this morning when I was driving Bob’s son to work.  “Man, it is too early,” he groaned.   (“If you were working an 11 to 7 shift at the hospital, you’d think it was too late.”)  … Continue reading

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Foods that say home

The food doesn’t actually speak, but you know what I mean.  We were raised by a mom who was 5’6″ tall and had to work to stay above 110 lbs.  I think our mother was so traumatized by growing up as a Skinny Minnie … Continue reading

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