Following Threads

You never know where things will lead you when you started checking out your family background.  I have had a great time finding out which rumors were true and which ones were probably apocryphal.  Some things hit a dead-end and I’ve had to drop the hunt for now. 

Harald got the "bluetooth" name because he ate so many blueberries.

Who knew that my ancestors had Bluetooth before it became popular?  The Coleman family made it to England/Wales by way of the North Sea.  Our 28 times great-grandfather was Harald the Bluetooth of Norway who was responsible for the Norse conversion to Christianity after the Pope’s army wrestled him to a submission hold and asked him “who’s your daddy?”  Actually, Harald’s daddy was really Gorm the Old; Harald deposed him.  Karma stunk for Harald since his son Uncle Sweyn the Forkbeard deposed him 30 years later. 

Harald's press photo

Interesting note is that Ericsson named the current, popular Bluetooth for old Harald.

Another thing I’ve learned as I mull around genealogy is that there are some really intense people who take their heritage seriously. Really, really seriously.  I didn’t realize how much research it takes to become a bona fide Daughter of the American Revolution until I saw how many begets folks search down in order to become one.

The research has uncovered that my sisters and I are DAR qualifiers and could belong to Colonial Families of America, Daughters of the Texas Revolution and Daughters of the Confederacy.  I’m assuming that the DC’s were a women’s group that met while washing the white sheets their husbands wore to their Sons of the Confederacy meetings. 

What's left of our great times 11 grandpa Anselm's castle

I have piggybacked on other relatives’ research and tracked family members back to the Wales, England, Ireland, and France.  A funny thing that I noticed about genealogists:  they go nuts when they find castles in their heritage.  Even rock rubble castles that used to exist excite them.  I thought that was funny until I found that some of our relatives lived in a castle or what was a castle before they fell out of favor with the local monarchy.   I totally understand the ‘could have beens.’

Church of the Ascension, Montell, TX

When I was texting my niece Alizon, who shares my genealogy mania, we agreed that it’s fun to see how far back our ancestry goes, but it is rewarding to follow a thread and make a discovery.  Most of my grandparents’ relatives track back for generations; the exception are the parents of my granny, Georgie Elizabeth.  I never knew her since she died while our dad was a young man.  Since Daddy started the parenthood job in his mid-40’s, I never knew him as a young man.  Georgie Elizabeth’s (the grandmother’s) parents are a mystery.  They just showed up in Uvalde County on the 1880 census; prior to that, they lived in New York. 

I got an email Tuesday night from a British woman who was given the hand-written journal of an Englishman, William Shirley Day.  William stayed with my great grandparents in 1881 while he was making a trek across Texas.  She contacted me in hopes of confirming some of the information in the journal.

Here’s to the hope that we’ll be able to pick up a thread and follow it through to more information!  Making the genealogy hunting trip is way more fun than the destination.

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