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Crossbow 01 (we’re a long way from 101)

I am a weapon illiterate.  I’ve never found the need to own a gun.  Given my impulsive nature, that decision might have protected the lives of loved ones when I was still drinking.  That’s probably not really true.  The only time I … Continue reading

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Following Threads

You never know where things will lead you when you started checking out your family background.  I have had a great time finding out which rumors were true and which ones were probably apocryphal.  Some things hit a dead-end and … Continue reading

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Mackerel snapping

I am a cradle Catholic and never heard of mackerel snappers while I was growing up.  It wasn’t til I started working construction and came back late from lunch because I’d gone to an Ash Wednesday service that I heard that term … Continue reading

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What I learned from the game of football

Football taught me about life.  That’s usually something said by an aging athlete or a high school senior at the end of year sports banquet.  Rarely is it implied by a fluffy greying grandmother whose football playing time was limited to a couple … Continue reading

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Filling the cracks

When I attended volunteer training at the Women’s Shelter in Corpus Christi, I intended to help out answering phones so the caseworkers would be free to work with clients in the evenings.  I envisioned playing with or reading to the … Continue reading

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Newfangled things

I took a computer class at Del Mar Community College which was its official name back in the 70’s.  Bear in mind that keypunch cards were still used to input programs and data.  If you have no idea what that … Continue reading

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