My top 10 favorite songs

Or at least my favorite as of 10:36 a.m. on October 26, 2011.

January 28th is National Kazoo Day. Just so you know.

I love music.  I am sitting in an office with no sound other than the A/C that just kicked on so the only music I’m hearing is in my head which is better than listening to the voices in my head.  I like music that I can dance to, sing, play air trombone to, and which makes me happy.  My ability to play the piano is only slight above “Chopsticks” grade since I can pick out the treble line of “Fur Elise.”  When I sing, I should carry a sign that tells people which melody I’m going for.

The kazoo is my instrument of choice.  When I die, I want people at my memorial service to play “Amazing Grace” on the kazoo.  Playing a kazoo makes you laugh.  “Amazing Grace” is one of my favorite songs but I didn’t put it on the list.  Too predictable.

Here is my top 10 list.  It’s a flexible listing, more of those quick “In 5 seconds, tell me which songs you’d want to listen to if you were on a desert island (with electricity).”

10.  “Hakuna Matata”- I bought the CD as a reward after Jack got his pre-K shots.  We were driving down to Port Isabel where John was fishing in the Texas Invitational Fishing Tourney.  It’s a 3 hours drive down and back and we listened to that CD the entire time we were in the car.  When “Hakuna Matata” came on, Jack usually repeated it and repeated the repeat.  I still know the lyrics.  Hakuna Matata?  Yeah. It’s our motto!  What’s a motto? Nothing. What’s a-motto with you?   That joke never gets old.  Here’s another one from Raffi’s “Banana Phone” which is a song with a-peel.  (Get it?)

9.  “Lay, Lady, Lay”-My older sister (aka Georgie the Older) introduced me to this Bob Dylan song.  We sat up late at night, listening to it on the radio, and whispering confidences about love and life.  “I long to see you in the morning light, I long to reach for you in the night, Stay, lady, stay, stay while the night is still ahead.”    Woo!  Still gives me shivers!

One of the Pictures in Mussorgsky's Exhibition

8.  “Pictures in an Exhibition”-I first heard this music when Emerson, Lake and Palmer recorded it.  MA, who got 85% of the musical genes in our family, got the album for Christmas and we listened to it until scratches rendered it impossible to tolerate.  It wasn’t until a few years ago that I heard it on KEDT and found out that it was a 19th century work written by Modest Mussorgsky in memory of an artist friend.  It wasn’t even performed for 5 or 6 years.  I can’t hear it without adjusting the speakers and the volume and taking a road trip so I don’t have to miss any of the music.

7.  “I Like Dirt”-Red Hot Chili Peppers.  They almost can’t do a song I don’t love.  I always play RHCP’s Greatest Hit cd when I’m on the road and I do a Jack when this song comes on, repeating it a couple of times. 

6.  “When Love Comes to Town”-GE introduced me to this song recorded by B.B. King and U-2.  I like B.B. King anyway and this song has a special place in my music library because it played on the radio as we were heading to the hospital to have Jack.  GE lunged from the back seat to the radio control when it started with a loud “They are playing that song!”  Pretty much anything by B.B. King would be on my list anyway.  My friend Bill and I saw him perform one cold and wet October night at Concrete Street Amphitheater.  Any other artist would have called it a night, but King, who was nearly 80, played the whole show.  It was awesome.

5.  “Henery the Eighth”-If you are old enough to remember this song, you are already on an “I am, I am.”  MA and I delighted in loudly singing this song while our older sister drove the car.  It drove her nuts which made us sing louder.  The song is contagious.

4.  “As Time Goes By”-As sung by Jimmy Durante.  I like his gravelly voice singing, “And when two lovers woo, they still say ‘I love you.’ On that you can rely. The fundamental things apply as time goes by.”  It just makes me happy.

3.  “You Are So Beautiful”-It’s Joe Cocker’s weird voice that makes this one of my favorites.  I love the lyrics of the song; it makes a great lullaby for babies and I’ve sung it to each of my children and grand-children.  I like doing my Joe Cocker imitation in the shower. 

2.  “Walkin’ After Midnight”-Patsy Cline does this song the best.  There are others but I scoff at them.  The song plays in the background of a mental video when John and I came home to GE who was babysitting Jack.  She was singing this song with Patsy, Jack on her hip, and dancing a slow two-step in an attempt to get him to sleep.   The song is great; the memory is priceless. 

Panda Bears in pandemonium

1.  “Zombies Are Bastards”-Jack wrote all kinds of songs.  We recorded a few and those are precious.  I didn’t think there was a timeline and assumed that I’d record his whole show “one of these days.”  This is one of those songs that I have recorded and it makes me laugh when I hear it.  The song title is the only lyrics.  The surf rock bridge is what makes me dance. 


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  1. Hi all , I just love this music . but I always love to see some top songs list 2011. I believe , i will definitely return to this page again

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