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Things you can do with a hunter

After 8 weeks of working 7/12’s, Bob’s project went out on a barge and he got 3 days off.  In a row.  I worked Friday while Bob recuperated from an 18 hour day.   On Saturday morning, we got up at 4:30 a.m. … Continue reading

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Magic pumpkins

I had never heard of magic pumpkin seeds until this year.  I don’t think TAMU had invented them until recently.  When we went camping at Yogi-land Park near Waller, Sophia and Travis were given magic pumpkin seeds.  Most likely, there … Continue reading

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October 12!

Throughout my growing up years, I started this day with my mother waking me with the words, “On this day, your daddy and I went to the hospital where at 6:20 in the morning I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl … Continue reading

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Predictive Text

I started texting in 2005 in self defense.  It was the way I could communicate with my son.  Few of my contemporaries used texting.  I frowned in dismay when my friend Vannessa, a few years older than Jack, said that she … Continue reading

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Living forward, looking backward

Bob’s sister Shelley posted the You Tube of Steve Job’s 2005 Stanford commencement address.   It was insightful, well worded, and concise.  If you haven’t seen it played on FB or via email in the past few days, I’d be surprised.   It … Continue reading

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Found time

I love found money.  Money I didn’t know I had but that just appears.  Sometimes it’s in the form of a rebate or a refund.  I have been part of two class action lawsuits in my life.  One was for … Continue reading

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Paranoid me

Last Saturday I looked at the front of my Mazda Tribute and saw the chrome trim on the hood missing.  Completely torn off.  “Ohmygosh!  That looks terrible!  Why would someone steal a part from my car?” As I raced out … Continue reading

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