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Reality TV and the GOP

I like reality television, but mostly shows like Top Chef or Project Runway.  I love cooking and I’m an aspiring seamstress.  I use aspiring loosely; I have a sewing machine that works even if I don’t. I rarely watch The … Continue reading

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Wild turkey

Bob went hunting in the wilds of Duval County, hoping to bag a deer.  He got a couple of wild turkeys instead.  You will notice that is wild turkey and not Wild Turkey, the bourbon from Tennessee.   In the bad … Continue reading

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But who’s counting?

Hopefully, not me if we are talking money. I just finished a term as treasurer for my AA group.  In trying to make sure my successor didn’t run shrieking from the room when I handed over my job, I counted … Continue reading

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Bob went hunting some place between Alice and San Diego this morning.  That’s about 90 minutes from Portland so he had to be up at 4 to be there when the deer got up.  That’s 4 in the a.m. Although … Continue reading

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Pinteresting, very pinteresting

I recently discovered Pinterest.  Actually my daughter and niece led me there a month ago.  I signed up for it and then nothing.  I had no idea what to do.  If I signed on to Pinterest, I found dozens of cute, clever, … Continue reading

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Food log

I am a dietary doxy, a food floozy.  I will gladly cheat on my low sodium V-8 juice with a Reese’s PB Blizzard at DQ.  I consider a balanced meal a tablespoon of PB in one hand with a tablespoon … Continue reading

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Wrap it up

I spent the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas either shopping or making Christmas gifts.  The shopping part is pretty easy since I do most of that online.  I can’t stand driving through crazy traffic to get to a crazy parking lot … Continue reading

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January 16, 2012

In the wake of my son Jack’s death, I was frozen in disbelief, stayed in shock, cried angry tears, pretended that it hadn’t happened, and often sat feeling lost and afraid.  Grief feels a lot like fear.  That’s the way … Continue reading

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Catching up

All but Death, can be Adjusted — Dynasties repaired — Systems — settled in their Sockets — Citadels — dissolved — Wastes of Lives — resown with Colors By Succeeding Springs — Death — unto itself — Exception — Is … Continue reading

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Life goes on

 From The Road Less Traveled Here it is, another year, and you aren’t with me.  I didn’t realize what life would be like without you.  The first year after you died, I was like a zombie. I didn’t notice anything … Continue reading

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