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I am watching the Top Chef rundown to the finale tonight.  It started at 5 a.m. and I’ll have to leave it at 7:00 so I can go to work.  I love this show and especially liked watching it this … Continue reading

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Traffic tickets

I got a ticket for running a stop sign last Thursday.  Not really running it  Rolling through it.  Not once but twice.  I only got one ticket, though. When the uniformed child employee of the City of Portland, Texas told … Continue reading

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I (c)aunt wait!

I love laughter and laughing.  I have a loud, deep belly laugh which startled my parents the first time I released my first baby guffaw.  My family members have ready laughs.  When I say family, I mean in-laws and out-laws, … Continue reading

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Bedtime story

Bob and I have taken the leap. We started texting one another about 2 years ago and went quickly from a couple of texts a day to a couple of hundred texts a week.  I fell into the text habit … Continue reading

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Dirty work

I had no intention of working in construction when I was a kid.  I live in a family chock full of educators, nurses, homemakers, farmers and ranchers.  Construction is not in my blood.  But I was too smart for an … Continue reading

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Journalling for food

I got back to keeping a food journal on January 5 of this year.  The next few days don’t really count because I spent them thinking about keeping the journal, but I didn’t post anything.  You know how I am.  … Continue reading

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Happy 50% off chocolate candy day!

“Happy Corporate Love-Themed Merchandising Day!!” is the message my niece Alizon had as her FB status yesterday.  Her younger sister Adrienne who gets married on  April 8 of this year posted “happy vd to u too”; I could nearly see the eye … Continue reading

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Syntax by Maureen N. McClane

and if I were to say I love you and I do love you         and I say it now and again and again would you say parataxis     would you see the world revolves anew … Continue reading

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Where is deus ex machina when you need it?

I’ve spent more of my life looking for rescue than I care to admit. GE and I spent last week-end at Mary Ann’s working on favors for her cousin and my niece’s upcoming bridal shower.  It was a girls’ week-end with my … Continue reading

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Bob and I were watching American Restoration on the History Channel last rainy Sunday.  One of the featured items slated for a makeover was an old Kotex dispenser which was to be auctioned at a breast cancer fundraiser.  This was … Continue reading

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