Catching ghoti

Not sure if you want to catch ghoti?  It’s good breaded and fried and dipped in remoulade sauce.

When I took literacy tutoring classes, the instructor pointed out how hard it is to read English by showing us how sneaky phonetics are.  If you let the GH stand for F as in cough, the O stand for I as in women, and the TI stand for SH as in nation, then GHOTI is the right way to spell FISH.  Silly but true and one of the reasons that it is so difficult for readers from Mexico to learn English reading.  Letter combinations wiggle around and conspire against the reader.  Things aren’t the way they seem.

I am just vain enough to worry about whether my shadow looks fat.

Fishing is a recent past-time for me.  Bob and his kids like fishing so I am glad to share this hobby.  For Easter, I got a rod and reel from Bob.  In years past, I’ve gotten fancy lingerie, perfume, and gift cards, but Bob gave me a rod and reel.  I’ve gone fishing with Bob in the past but have always used his equipment.  Now I have my own.  There was something special and endearing about the gift.

We spent the week-end fishing with Bob’s son Drew.  More than anything, Bob wanted Drew to have a great fishing experience.  The two of them started early on Friday morning, wade fishing in Nueces Bay.  They came up empty.

We tried our luck at St. Joe Island on Saturday.  The wind had shifted and the Gulf of Mexico was shoving massive amounts of debris to the shore.  Everything from pieces of wood to ship parts were coming ashore.  We surf fished for a few hours with no luck.   Then we moved to the jetties and tried our luck there.  I got a nibble on my line.

When the fish bites the bait, you jerk up on the line to make the hook sink into the fish’s mouth.  Then, you reel in the fish, stopping occasionally to let the poor creature exhaust itself, and continuing the Procession of Doom until the fish is out of the water.  The Margaret way of fishing is that I panic when a fish hits the bait hard, throw the rod at Bob, and shriek “Bob!  Do something!”  I have never been effective at using womanly wiles so I do not understand why at this point in my life I resort to girliness.

The nibble didn’t result in a catch, of course.  I love fishing, but the goal is to bring something to the table.  We got back home, had a quick supper, and went night fishing.  We walked 30 yards off shore into Corpus Christi Bay to a sand bar and cast toward shore.  It was there that I caught my first fish.  It was a hardhead, but the fish and I both got hooked.  I didn’t reel it in because, despite Bob’s reassurances, I was certain I’d break the rod.  I did reel in a red drum and a few more hardheads.  Over the next few hours, we caught red drum, black drum, tiger drum, and numerous hardheads which Bob says like to hang with the drums.  Little groupies.

The next morning, we went back to Corpus Christi Bay and Bob and Drew cast toward the bay using mullet which Bob had caught.  They found speckled trout.  I learned how to use my reel, a spinning reel.  I haven’t fished much, but when I took Jack fishing, we used Zebco spincast reels.  My new reel daunted me and I made Bob cast for me until Sunday.  I am no pro fisher, but I can get the bait to the fish.

I tangled my line once, bad enough to need Bob to fix it.  It amazes me that Bob’s big hands can build huge pipe supports or cradle a sick bird.  As big as they are, you wouldn’t think that he can untangle knotted fishing line.  Or, in the case of my bad tangle, cut it and reconnect it with a blood knot.   The knot is a thing of beauty to see and makes a secure connection between two pieces of line.  To see how to make one, go to  It looks delicate but it’s incredibly strong.

I can’t wait for this weekend with extra time to fish with Bob.  There are some things I don’t think I can do.  Bob teased a perch until he caught him and then used him for bait.  That was plain nefarious.  But I can bait a hook with a live shrimp and not cringe too much when I think I hear tiny shrimp shrieks.  And I can cast.  And I can catch a fish and bring it in.

It’s funny how love shows itself.  Sort of sneaky.  Like ghoti.

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I am a mom, a grandmom (Gaga to my 2nd oldest grand-child), a sister, a friend, a construction estimator, a homeowner, an active member of a 12 step recovery group, an artist, a reader, a survivor, a do it yourself wannabe, a laugher
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5 Responses to Catching ghoti

  1. it would be nice to see some pictures of the fish you catch as well 🙂

    • texasgaga says:

      It would have been! I wanted to kick myself for leaving the camera in the car when we went night fishing. That was my night of 1,000 fishes-or 4.

  2. bob davis says:

    i love my shadow !

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