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Shrimply silly

Hi. I am guest blooging for Margaret. That’s the word right?  Blooging?  Oh.  Blogging! I’m guest BLOGGING for Margaret.  She’s been using me and 70 of my close friends to catch fish.  They aren’t biting. The Boyfriend says that they … Continue reading

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Given a choice between grief and nothing—-

I’d choose grief.                         William Faulkner (1897 – 1962)   Is that true? I ask myself.  Of course it is.  I am grieving the life of my son, a life that stopped 20 years, 4 weeks, 3 days after his … Continue reading

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A keeper!

Getting a keeper has so many meanings for me.  Initially, it was a hot guy.  Later, as my alcoholism progressed, I was looking for a keeper literally:  a man who could take care of me financially.  Emotional and spiritual support … Continue reading

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Baby sock roses

Bob’s daughter is having a baby girl in October.  Not only will she probably be a Libra, she’ll be born in the year of the Dragon.  That mixes two horoscopic signs, Greek and Chinese, if you are a follower of … Continue reading

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Happy blogiversary to me!

My first blog anniversary came and went.  I started blogging on April 19, 2011 with this message: I think people who blog about their lives are just a little arrogant.  So why am I here?  To see if I can … Continue reading

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Hacked off

Bob and I were loading the truck after a few hours of night fishing on Friday when I checked my phone for calls or texts and found one from my friend at College Station:  I think someone hijacked your fb … Continue reading

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Repurposed and upcycled

Repurposers and upcyclers raised me.  It was the only way, I think, back in the lean depression, WWII, and post war years.  It was second nature for our mother to rip apart out-grown clothes and perform a bodice transplant on … Continue reading

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