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My car-ifically, car-rible car experience

I spend enough time in a car that I should love driving.  And to some extent I do, but that’s a very, very tiny extent.  For the most part, CD’s and public radio help me get from here to there … Continue reading

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Devil’s own sinkhole

I am a  little batty which doesn’t surprise the people I love and/or annoy.  But I am batty about bats.  A few years ago, GE and Jonathan took Jack and me to a downtown hotel restaurant to watch the bats … Continue reading

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Bump Gate 101

A bump gate is a drive-through gate used in rural areas to provide a barrier to livestock that does not require the driver to exit the vehicle, open the gate, drive through, and then close the gate. By contacting the … Continue reading

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Five will get you tent

Five dollars did buy the tent that Bob and I have been using for the past year or so.  It’s gone to the beach and to east Texas.  A few weeks ago, it went to the Texas Hill Country and … Continue reading

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Fishing all night

In May, when Bob, Drew, and I got off the jetty boat at Fisherman’s Wharf in Port Aransas, we saw the Scat Cat unloading their passengers from a 5 hour fishing trip into the Gulf of Mexico.  The Scat Cat … Continue reading

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Center of the universe

If I say, “I am not the center of the Universe” at an AA meeting, there will be a chorus of “No.  I am!” and lots of chuckles.   I don’t know if normies consider that good things happen because the … Continue reading

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My Independence Day is July 7, 1998

July 7, 1998 is the first day I walked in to the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous.   I stayed. The life that I’ve had over the past 14 years has been rich in living.  I had stopped doing much living in … Continue reading

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