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Meteor date

Bob shared a post from one of the hunting services he friended on Facebook that said that there would be a meteor shower in the early morning hours of August 12 and 13th.  They are best seen in a location … Continue reading

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Filet de Mignon Axis

I didn’t know that mignon is French for “cute” or “cutie” so a filet mignon is a cute filet.  That’s a little precious.  Bob’s been making filet de mignon axis deer style recently.  He started doing it with venison backstrap … Continue reading

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Sundays can be too long

In the middle of a perfectly normal day, I can make a sudden descent into sorrow.  It is so hard to climb out.  There’s the desire to pause there, clutch the grief to my chest, and cling to it like … Continue reading

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My favorite love story

Bob and I checked out St. Luke’s cemetery on our way back from MA and Gerald’s house a couple of weeks ago.  The St. Luke’s Catholic Church I remember was a small painted white church and on a back road … Continue reading

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Axis deer

I was trying to think of some clever title wrapped around the axis but it’s early in the morning and I am all out of clever.  Or maybe my clever hasn’t been regenerated.  It could have atrophied for lack of … Continue reading

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