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Day 14—Forgiveness

Two of our dogs love to sleep in pet beds; Halo loves to chew up the pet beds when she is either bored or angry.  Murphey is a mixed breed that Bob found tied and apparently abandoned next to the Murphey’s Gas … Continue reading

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Day 13—Simple Pleasures

I had to define what I think constitutes a simple pleasure before I could name any.  After a year of driving a car that would alternately overheat or not start, I thought that the sound of my car starting would … Continue reading

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Day 12—Five senses or more

Senses    by Shel Silverstein A Mouth was talking to a Nose and an Eye. A passing listening Ear Said, Pardon me, but you spoke so loud, I couldn’t help by overhear.” But the Mouth just closed and the Nose turned … Continue reading

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Day 11—Skies

Excuse me while I kiss the sky.—Jimi Hendrix We spent 2011 in a drought in Texas.  The sky stayed unrelentingly blue as fields dried, lakes evaporated, and wildfires ravaged.  Hearing someone in central Texas pray for a hurricane astounded me.  … Continue reading

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Day 10—Books

Once again, an incredibly good time with family bisected my plans to make a gratitude blog daily.  I could write a whole blog about that particular blessing, but I will stick to my gratitude list and write about books. Some … Continue reading

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Day 9—Music

I have no musical talent.  My sole purpose for joining a church choir is to encourage those around me to sing loudly to cover my voice.  Although our parents exposed me to piano lessons, I am immune to the piano.  … Continue reading

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