Pots and plans

Nekkid piping

Nekkid piping

The fun part of a project is the planning. After that, it’s sweat  for a few weeks, hopefully followed by high 5’s.  The rain out crew came for a few hours on Friday, exposed piping, and cleaned up.  Looking at what’s left, we could see few places where we weren’t about to have another pipe break.  Corroded copper pipe and galvanized fittings were milli-moments from failing.

I usually minimize things, kneading them and rolling them out to find they are way bigger than I thought they were.  Instead of going nuts about the electricity, I became instantly horrified with the piping.  Why did I ever think that we’d be able to retrofit the drains for a garbage disposal and dishwasher?  Can this even be fixed?  This. Is. Impossible. After a hand wringing, I was able to give myself a mental slap and settle down to the reality that it’s just pipe.  Sewer pipe.  Water pipe.  The stuff I that I work with every day.  Oh.

Bob used Liquid Nails to tack treated 2 x 4's to the concrete floor and then glued and screwed plywood decking.

Bob used Liquid Nails to tack treated 2 x 4’s to the concrete floor and then glued and screwed plywood decking.

We went to Home Depot to order cabinets.  Between the short time line and the budget, we elected to use box cabinets.  I love my little house, but I could so easily over build and out price for our working class neighborhood.  We met with Bart, the HD kitchen designer, and I gave him our kitchen design.  Using it with our measurements, he made our order list and priced it out, announcing that if we wait until Thursday to order the cabinets, we’ll likely get 20% marked down.  I guess that’s the talk around the HD millworks staff.  We decided to wait until Thursday.

Blue tape for cabinet and appliance outlines

Blue tape for cabinet and appliance outlines

With our worksheets, we layed out the cabinets on the floor.  Bob said that, in his cabinet installing days, failure to confirm the layout resulted in backcharges.  It was lucky we did because we did find a mistake.  Whether it was on Bart or us, the refrigerator was half into the back door.  Bob marked it so we can make the change when we put in the order on Thursday.  Bob spent the day helping Mark put in the electrical wiring while I cleaned out closets and got ready for our home consolidation.

The new kitchen in 3D

The new kitchen in 3D

I  know Bob loves me.  When I caught him watching me air cook on the invisible range and open an imaginary fridge and pantry, he didn’t say a thing.  He just handed me the pretend salt.

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