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My inner 13 year old

On a bad day, I not only want my local grocery to post this sign, I would voluntarily enforce it.  Those are the days when I am certain the car traveling the speed limit is going to make me late.  (Don’t … Continue reading

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Lead foot

I’m not much of a criminal. It isn’t because I have a strict moral code.  Although I have a conscience, my moral behavior is fenced in with a fear of consequences.  I don’t want to be caught and I certainly … Continue reading

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Holidays, hollow days, hallowed days

I took a sabbatical from writing.  I’m not sure if an itinerant blogger can take a sabbatical.  I think it takes gainfully employment to sabbat yourself away from your job.  I am employed but I can’t afford to take a … Continue reading

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Making change

I hate change.  A friend sent me a text message with the words, “I HATE transitions and it seems that my life is full of transitions now!” I thought about her text.  Does it sound better to call a change … Continue reading

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My favorite love story

Bob and I checked out St. Luke’s cemetery on our way back from MA and Gerald’s house a couple of weeks ago.  The St. Luke’s Catholic Church I remember was a small painted white church and on a back road … Continue reading

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My car-ifically, car-rible car experience

I spend enough time in a car that I should love driving.  And to some extent I do, but that’s a very, very tiny extent.  For the most part, CD’s and public radio help me get from here to there … Continue reading

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Bump Gate 101

A bump gate is a drive-through gate used in rural areas to provide a barrier to livestock that does not require the driver to exit the vehicle, open the gate, drive through, and then close the gate. By contacting the … Continue reading

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