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What are the odds?

I was born left-handed. No matter how many times my parents tried to get me to reach for a toy with my right hand, I put out my left hand. Early crayon experiences were with my left hand. I might … Continue reading

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The coffeeness of my life

I quit coffee for Lent.  It’s been 18 days since I started back drinking my beloved beverage and I am about fully awake. I am one of those folks who can drink coffee from early morning until bedtime.  I usually … Continue reading

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Selling rummage

Rummage:  A confusion of miscellaneous articles. I don’t do rummage sales.  People who can find bargains at rummage sales are my heroes.  I admire them because I can’t do that.  I buy things that are totally useless and that I will never … Continue reading

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Death and taxes and ignorance

I work for an 18 month old construction company, a partnership between Max and Manuel,  2 brothers whose single mother raised them and who have worked together always.  Max’s wife is our office manager.  On a good day, Max’s nickname is … Continue reading

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I want my hour back!

Bob’s alarm clock goes off before mine at 4:30.  We are snoozers so it’s 20-30 minutes before Mr. Coffee goes to work.  Bob started dreading the start of Daylight Saving Time last week when he noticed it on the calendar.  … Continue reading

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Not celling myself short

Today, Bob left his cell phone at home.  My first inclination was to call him to tell him that he had forgotten it on the bed.  I got as far as the first 3 digits of his phone number and … Continue reading

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Happy 50% off chocolate candy day!

“Happy Corporate Love-Themed Merchandising Day!!” is the message my niece Alizon had as her FB status yesterday.  Her younger sister Adrienne who gets married on  April 8 of this year posted “happy vd to u too”; I could nearly see the eye … Continue reading

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Where is deus ex machina when you need it?

I’ve spent more of my life looking for rescue than I care to admit. GE and I spent last week-end at Mary Ann’s working on favors for her cousin and my niece’s upcoming bridal shower.  It was a girls’ week-end with my … Continue reading

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Bob and I were watching American Restoration on the History Channel last rainy Sunday.  One of the featured items slated for a makeover was an old Kotex dispenser which was to be auctioned at a breast cancer fundraiser.  This was … Continue reading

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Five things that I’m afraid to write about

It is weird.  I am less afraid to write about things than talk about them.  I am the kind of person who would break off an engagement with a text.  If I really felt bad, I’d break it off with … Continue reading

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