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Where is deus ex machina when you need it?

I’ve spent more of my life looking for rescue than I care to admit. GE and I spent last week-end at Mary Ann’s working on favors for her cousin and my niece’s upcoming bridal shower.  It was a girls’ week-end with my … Continue reading

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Bob and I were watching American Restoration on the History Channel last rainy Sunday.  One of the featured items slated for a makeover was an old Kotex dispenser which was to be auctioned at a breast cancer fundraiser.  This was … Continue reading

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Five things that I’m afraid to write about

It is weird.  I am less afraid to write about things than talk about them.  I am the kind of person who would break off an engagement with a text.  If I really felt bad, I’d break it off with … Continue reading

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Every saint has a past

…and every sinner has a future.  (Oscar Wilde) I like that.  We have a sentence in the BB that says “We will not regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it.”  It took me working the steps … Continue reading

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But who’s counting?

Hopefully, not me if we are talking money. I just finished a term as treasurer for my AA group.  In trying to make sure my successor didn’t run shrieking from the room when I handed over my job, I counted … Continue reading

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Bob went hunting some place between Alice and San Diego this morning.  That’s about 90 minutes from Portland so he had to be up at 4 to be there when the deer got up.  That’s 4 in the a.m. Although … Continue reading

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Pinteresting, very pinteresting

I recently discovered Pinterest.  Actually my daughter and niece led me there a month ago.  I signed up for it and then nothing.  I had no idea what to do.  If I signed on to Pinterest, I found dozens of cute, clever, … Continue reading

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