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Given a choice between grief and nothing—-

I’d choose grief.                         William Faulkner (1897 – 1962)   Is that true? I ask myself.  Of course it is.  I am grieving the life of my son, a life that stopped 20 years, 4 weeks, 3 days after his … Continue reading

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Happy blogiversary to me!

My first blog anniversary came and went.  I started blogging on April 19, 2011 with this message: I think people who blog about their lives are just a little arrogant.  So why am I here?  To see if I can … Continue reading

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Repurposed and upcycled

Repurposers and upcyclers raised me.  It was the only way, I think, back in the lean depression, WWII, and post war years.  It was second nature for our mother to rip apart out-grown clothes and perform a bodice transplant on … Continue reading

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Selling rummage

Rummage:  A confusion of miscellaneous articles. I don’t do rummage sales.  People who can find bargains at rummage sales are my heroes.  I admire them because I can’t do that.  I buy things that are totally useless and that I will never … Continue reading

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Kind atheist

I have no idea who God really prefers.  The God of my understanding loves both the kind atheist and the hateful Christian.    That’s impossible for me to understand but it is what I believe. Poor atheist has no clue that … Continue reading

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Just say yeeee….no

I’m a yes-woman.  Saying no doesn’t come naturally to me.  You might think that is the cornerstone of every problem that has haunted my life from alcohol and drugs to men to religions to perpetual weight struggles.  And you might be … Continue reading

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Grief and sobriety

When I first got sober, I had a hard time knowing what to do next.  Indecision would freeze me, lock me into place, eyes fixed on a television I wasn’t watching, rocking in place to the cadence of  thoughts clicking through my mind, … Continue reading

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