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Texas’ Kiikaapoi Caverns

The Kiikaapoi, better known to me as Kickapoo, Indians descended from the Algonquian, brothers to the Shawnee.  After being displaced by illegal immigrants from England and France, the tribe left Wisconsin, settling mostly in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and Mexico. I … Continue reading

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Cradle, cradle, cradle, I made it out of….

Oh, wait.  That’s a dreidel. When Bob’s daughter announced she would have a baby in the fall, he decided to build his first grand baby a cradle.  Twenty four years ago Bob built a rocking crib for his kids, one … Continue reading

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Filet de Mignon Axis

I didn’t know that mignon is French for “cute” or “cutie” so a filet mignon is a cute filet.  That’s a little precious.  Bob’s been making filet de mignon axis deer style recently.  He started doing it with venison backstrap … Continue reading

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Axis deer

I was trying to think of some clever title wrapped around the axis but it’s early in the morning and I am all out of clever.  Or maybe my clever hasn’t been regenerated.  It could have atrophied for lack of … Continue reading

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Devil’s own sinkhole

I am a  little batty which doesn’t surprise the people I love and/or annoy.  But I am batty about bats.  A few years ago, GE and Jonathan took Jack and me to a downtown hotel restaurant to watch the bats … Continue reading

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Bump Gate 101

A bump gate is a drive-through gate used in rural areas to provide a barrier to livestock that does not require the driver to exit the vehicle, open the gate, drive through, and then close the gate. By contacting the … Continue reading

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