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Fishing all night

In May, when Bob, Drew, and I got off the jetty boat at Fisherman’s Wharf in Port Aransas, we saw the Scat Cat unloading their passengers from a 5 hour fishing trip into the Gulf of Mexico.  The Scat Cat … Continue reading

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A keeper!

Getting a keeper has so many meanings for me.  Initially, it was a hot guy.  Later, as my alcoholism progressed, I was looking for a keeper literally:  a man who could take care of me financially.  Emotional and spiritual support … Continue reading

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Catching ghoti

Not sure if you want to catch ghoti?  It’s good breaded and fried and dipped in remoulade sauce. When I took literacy tutoring classes, the instructor pointed out how hard it is to read English by showing us how sneaky phonetics are.  … Continue reading

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