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Working the night shift

We just finished Week 2 of Bob’s 12 week stint on the night shift at work. Every couple of years his crew gets a turn to work nights. He missed his last rotation a few years ago because he was … Continue reading

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Stay. Really. STAY. STAY!!

Bob and I have an extended family of 3 dogs and 1 cat. I am not counting the 3 cats who are 5/8’s feral and live in the front yard since they think we run a bed and breakfast and … Continue reading

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Driving Miss Baby

In the 70’s when I started working, single career moms weren’t common in my part of south Texas.  I was lucky to find Frances who provided affordable care for several children and who was willing to keep GE. There was … Continue reading

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It ain’t kneesy

Bob hurt his knee on New Year’s Eve while hunting.  His right foot got caught on a root and his left leg went sideways.  Possibly a torn meniscus, said the minor emergency doc.  Go see a specialist if you are … Continue reading

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Brain ramblings

I have to get my eyes checked yearly if I want to continue wearing contact lenses.  I am not a responsible caretaker of my ojos.  When I remove the last pair of contacts from the box, I make an appointment … Continue reading

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Holidays, hollow days, hallowed days

I took a sabbatical from writing.  I’m not sure if an itinerant blogger can take a sabbatical.  I think it takes gainfully employment to sabbat yourself away from your job.  I am employed but I can’t afford to take a … Continue reading

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Day 13—Simple Pleasures

I had to define what I think constitutes a simple pleasure before I could name any.  After a year of driving a car that would alternately overheat or not start, I thought that the sound of my car starting would … Continue reading

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Lessons to apply over the next 60 years

I’m rounding the corner to my 60th birthday.  That doesn’t seem as crazy old as it should.  For the most part, I feel good and can do more than I could do when I was 40 and still drinking like … Continue reading

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MY attempt at donkey pinata cookies

I am a big fan of Pinterest.  So far, I’ve made a few of the suggested gifts and tried several recipes; all of them have been successful.  The chocolate banana bread is Bob’s favorite.   Ask me before you make it.  I think the … Continue reading

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A few weeks ago I was riding with GE and the kids.  Sophia at 5 is in that pre-reading stage where she recognizes some words and was curious about any accumulation of letters we passed driving through New Braunfels.  “H-O-B-B-Y-L-O-B-B-Y.  … Continue reading

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