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Hunting at Aransas Wildlife Refuge

In 1937, 50,000 acres along the Texas Gulf coast became known as the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge.  Congress designated that the property serve as a sanctuary for the whooping crane, a critically endangered species.  At that time, there were 14 of the whoopers in the wild; today, … Continue reading

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Texas’ Kiikaapoi Caverns

The Kiikaapoi, better known to me as Kickapoo, Indians descended from the Algonquian, brothers to the Shawnee.  After being displaced by illegal immigrants from England and France, the tribe left Wisconsin, settling mostly in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and Mexico. I … Continue reading

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The Stingray Hop

The only thing I knew about stingray barbs before last week-end is that one killed the Crocodile Hunter.  I have seen them pulled onto the pier by fishing folks, but I thought they were only dangerous to divers who tried … Continue reading

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A keeper!

Getting a keeper has so many meanings for me.  Initially, it was a hot guy.  Later, as my alcoholism progressed, I was looking for a keeper literally:  a man who could take care of me financially.  Emotional and spiritual support … Continue reading

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