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My Happy Birthday Walk

I wish I were the kind of selfless person who says their birthday’s just another day.  I am not. I love my birthday!  Our mother woke us on our birthday morning with the story of her trip to the hospital … Continue reading

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Lead foot

I’m not much of a criminal. It isn’t because I have a strict moral code.  Although I have a conscience, my moral behavior is fenced in with a fear of consequences.  I don’t want to be caught and I certainly … Continue reading

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In one day

In one day?  There are times when life can only be endured from moment to moment to moment if truth be told.   January 15 will be the 5th anniversary of my son Jack’s death.  It all happened in one day, … Continue reading

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I don’t want to break your feelings

When Bob and I decided to take a chance  on living together after living together one night at a time for the past few years, we chose to move into my little house.  I love my little house.  It’s a … Continue reading

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Texas’ Kiikaapoi Caverns

The Kiikaapoi, better known to me as Kickapoo, Indians descended from the Algonquian, brothers to the Shawnee.  After being displaced by illegal immigrants from England and France, the tribe left Wisconsin, settling mostly in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and Mexico. I … Continue reading

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Kitchen Demo

When Bob texted me in March, 2010 to see if I knew of any houses for lease, I didn’t think we’d end up living together.  We’d been acquaintances for a few years, but he was just a man I knew.  … Continue reading

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Happy Daddy’s Day!

This Be the Verse They f’ you up, your mum and dad.     They may not mean to, but they do. They fill you with the faults they had     And add some extra, just for you. Man hands on … Continue reading

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