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Over the river and through the woods…

…to Grandma’s house we go. In our case, it was just an 80 mile road trip up Hwy 281 through Three Rivers, Whitsett, Campbellton, and Pleasanton from George West, Texas to San Antonio. Growing up, my family customarily travelled to … Continue reading

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Day 14—Forgiveness

Two of our dogs love to sleep in pet beds; Halo loves to chew up the pet beds when she is either bored or angry.  Murphey is a mixed breed that Bob found tied and apparently abandoned next to the Murphey’s Gas … Continue reading

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Day 13—Simple Pleasures

I had to define what I think constitutes a simple pleasure before I could name any.  After a year of driving a car that would alternately overheat or not start, I thought that the sound of my car starting would … Continue reading

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Day 12—Five senses or more

Senses    by Shel Silverstein A Mouth was talking to a Nose and an Eye. A passing listening Ear Said, Pardon me, but you spoke so loud, I couldn’t help by overhear.” But the Mouth just closed and the Nose turned … Continue reading

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Day 11—Skies

Excuse me while I kiss the sky.—Jimi Hendrix We spent 2011 in a drought in Texas.  The sky stayed unrelentingly blue as fields dried, lakes evaporated, and wildfires ravaged.  Hearing someone in central Texas pray for a hurricane astounded me.  … Continue reading

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Day 10—Books

Once again, an incredibly good time with family bisected my plans to make a gratitude blog daily.  I could write a whole blog about that particular blessing, but I will stick to my gratitude list and write about books. Some … Continue reading

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Day 8—Sisters

How do people make it through life without a sister?  ~Sara Corpening A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life.  ~Isadora James To the outside world we … Continue reading

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